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Aim Adventures Manages The Best Hunting & Fishing The World Has To Offer
Not many hunters realize that Australia offers big game hunting.

Going "down under" offers incredible saltwater sport fishing including the Barrier Reef, and fresh water trout throughout nearby New Zealand.






Wild buffalo hunts are comparable to those of Africa.

Hunts are conducted from tented safari camps in remote outback locations. The Amhemland Wilderness Hunting concession is famous for its wild game including Australian Water Buffalo, Scrub Bull (Wild Cattle) and Wild Boar. Classified as dangerous game, these animals a aggressive and offer the ultimate hunt experience.

Other areas of the country offer Axis deer, Rusa Deer, Sambar deer as well as Red Deer.

New Zealand
Noted for its Trophy Red Stag, there are other animals that make this an ideal hunting location. Red Stag hunts are conducted on the North Island and the season for "Hard Horned" animals extends from March into August with the rut taking place during April.

In addition to stag, we offer hunts on the South island for Tahr and Chamois. Best hunted May through July, when the coats are the best; these offer some of the most challenging hunts available.

Some other Trophy Animals that can be combined with the above hunts are Sika and Fallow Deer, Wapiti (Elk), Arapawa Ram and Wild Goat. In addition to big game hunts New Zealand offers fantastic Waterfowl hunting, Turkey hunting and Fresh and Salt Water fishing.

When planning your next "out of the country" hunting adventure, call at (925) 628-8997 and let us tell you about our packages to Australia and New Zealand.



Big game fishing and light tackle are both available on this island continent.

New Zealand
Superlative trout fishing is just one of the sport fishing opportunities found here.

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